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tv   [untitled]    July 25, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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i am. like of the loner show where i get the real headlines with none of them are saying i can live in washington d.c. now it's not going to speak with tim poole was in anaheim last night live streaming from the scene of protests police are once again firing rubber bullets and pepper spray even at members of the media and then a host of panel discussion with michael cohen and of whom are how big a role does islamophobia play in our foreign policy and also take a look at more disturbing allegations of a cover up at a hospital in afghanistan that some say had auschwitz like conditions where you have all of that morphy tonight including a dose of happy hour but first take a look what the mainstream media decided.
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last night protests continued in anaheim for the fourth night in a row after manual diaz was shot and killed by police last saturday and the mainstream media while they finally decided to start paying attention now they're not a violent protest in anaheim california police in anaheim california they have a battle on their hands now they say they've restored order now after a fourth night of violent protests over to police shootings california city. when police shoot an unarmed gang member going to four people who were arrested demonstrators actually taking some of those tables and chairs and throwing them through the windows there we're told four people were hurt including an officer who injured his arm officers saw a known gang member according to the police officers association leaning into a parked car in an area known for gang activity all this chaos on the streets of anaheim california hundreds of protesters there in downtown hundreds of protesters we're seeing gathering your city hall kicking police cars and throwing rocks and.
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so they have your furniture through at least one story the protest began over the shooting death of twenty five year old man well di is who police say was a known gang member protesters started throwing bottles and rocks officers the trash bins on fire this is. now on one hand i'd like to welcome the mainstream media to the story finally after four days of protests they've caught on but there's so much that they have missed or maybe they've not even missed it's just the way that they chose to cover it and see for starters they let you know that manual dia's was a known gang member but is that really deserve to die what they didn't tell you is that police have admitted the d.s. was unarmed and reports that far say that diaz was running away from the police when they shot him once in the back then when he fell to his knees they shot him again in the head then handcuffed him and sent him to the hospital where he later died of his wounds why would you handcuff a man after you shot him in the head now the mayor tom tait of things called for
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a state and a federal review of the shooting they also didn't tell you that they have now been five officer related shooting deaths in anaheim alone this year and eight officer related shootings in total the other thing that you notice from the cable networks coverage is that it's always about the crowds being violent which yes there was vandalism there was some violence that needs to be stated but how about talking about the police reaction to on sunday the police fired rubber bullets and pepper balls and a crowd or many women and children were present yesterday police once again fired pepper balls and beanbags they used pepper spray and they were wielding their baton towards the crowd now one man was sent to the hospital after being shot in the head with the pepper ball members of the media including our guest tonight tim pools that they were also fired at after identifying themselves as members of the media staff at k.f. i am reported on twitter at the same thing happen to them it's a typical kind of coverage that we always seen events like this and believe me i would prefer that there's no violence i don't think the protesters should be be
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vandalizing. business is throwing rocks at police but you have to talk about all sides you have to report on the entire situation which includes includes aggressive violent action on the part of the police so the thing is that sure the mainstream media is now covering this situation and hype but this kind of thing happens all over the country all the time and for the most part nor it for example that you know there was a man shot and killed by police in dallas and the protests erupted there last night or how about the occupy movement from day one we've reported on occupy here on this show and for months we saw massive protests we saw police use excessive force but it was always the same approach for the cable networks the protesters are always the angry violent ones and then we saw the videos of police pepper spraying young men and women for no reason so the mainstream media didn't exactly change their tune they just started diverting talking about how smelly and unsavory all the individuals were at the occupy camps but let me just point your attention to a new report that was just released the law clinics that and why you for the
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harvard and stanford university's all undertook an investigation and after eight months of study they found that the n.y.p.d. abused the occupy wall street protesters and violated their rights on numerous occasions this is stuff that we know but let me just give you some specific examples it includes punching protesters in the head that includes an officer driving a scooter at a crowd of people and includes a journalist being threatened for asking an officer's name and then being told that if he kept asking questions he would get as effing ass beat it includes a police officer shoving a reporter on to the hood of a car now these are just individual incidents here and there but the thing is they're on video so imagine how many more cases of abuse are out there the weren't caught on camera now again this isn't to say that the police are always wrong at the protesters are always right you know there are definitely those agitators there are those who resort to vandalism and violence amongst peaceful protests but we shouldn't always assume that the police are in the right if anything the. drug war
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the response to occupy and in anaheim we've been shown that law enforcement can and often does take it too far but these are questions that we should all be asking it's something that we all need to be discussing the relationship the interactions between the police and those who they're supposed to serve and protect but too often something that the mainstream media chooses to miss. all right so let's get more information on exactly what happened last night in anaheim from somebody who was their temples and lives during protests across the country and around the world over the last year he's seen it all too many times with the violence the aggression has even been directed towards himself as a journalist here's a short video that was posted from last night when police were firing rubber bullets at him and another journalist amber lyon. of the over. the
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over. the ok. here's also more about it is independent journalist tim pool tim thanks for joining us tonight i guess you know why don't you just start by telling us a little bit of what happened last night what it is that you saw. we we had arrived around eight twenty and immediately you know broadway was blocked off we are at the intersection of broadway in anaheim and as soon as i get out of the car the police are are running towards a group of people that chase them through an alley the tension was really high rocks were being thrown. pepper balls were being fired right off the bat so the police surrounded the intersection and most of the mainstream journalists are inside i myself was in the middle of the intersection the police then started at vance and outward towards the crowds that surrounded the intersection firing
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beanbags forty millimeter expanding impact rounds and pepper balls at the crowd and then you know ultimately pushing the groups out and which led to the groups the rocks and bottles glass bottles and we saw i saw six fires myself and then eventually got chased myself and fired at by by the police it you know it just you couldn't get anywhere near the police to identify yourself they just fired indiscriminately without warning so you were able to tell them that you know i'm a member of the media please don't shoot it when you know when you're behind the police line yeah you know they look back and you're holding my press pass and but you know amber and i had walked over to a few dumpsters that were on fire and the fire department was putting had put the fires out. the police went over there and as you can see in that video you showed there was only about four or five people standing around when
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a wall of police just you know opened fire on us amber was was pinned between two trucks with her hands up and then i jumped over a wall and i got i got chased on some side streets by the police as they walked in a line just firing yeah it is really intense i mean what would you say you know because as all the reports out there show the protesters were throwing bottles they were throwing rocks there were some chairs that were thrown through a window that then broke the glass into a business but you know if you just listen to the top of our show here it's these things aren't always just one sided right so when used for what you witness do you think that the police reaction was called for knows you know. i don't work in law enforcement so i don't know what their state of mind is but i would say when you've got a community you know this wasn't an organized protest this was an angry community coming out because of the death of a member of their community and they're angry at police they started crowding around because the police had started showing up you know in this in force and so
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because more people show up more cops show up and then the cops come with their weapons out and the community gets even more upset you've got police officers coming from outside jurisdictions with which the people you know down there had said was offensive and it just it just escalates the tension so we think it's going to get a lot worse tonight and we're going to be heading back down now how about the fact that you know finally some attention is being is being paid to this the mainstream media is finally paying attention to what's going on here the mayor has actually called for a state investigation for a federal investigation this is what people have been calling for in anaheim you know for months now because of how many police involved shootings there have been so did that announcement from the people that you spoke to at least on monday from the mayor to that comment he went down quell any nerves. no i don't think so you know a lot of these people they are i wouldn't say they're directly upset over just this one incident a long standing history like you were saying you know six six shootings this year
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so you've got the the you know the mayor saying that there is going to be an investigation into these two shootings but it's it seems like the people that's not enough for them they have a there they don't have much sentiment for the police as and then the police are just coming in escalating tensions by firing at them and you know it's it's the job of the police department to keep a calm rational head and not let their emotions get the best of them and using right control weapons is not how you calm down an angry community now tim you know like i said you've been covering the occupy movement you traveled all over the world recently because we see a lot of social unrest there a lot of protests out there that are going on and you managed to catch all of this on video and you live streaming you know i know that we are watching your live stream last night members of my team other people who work here in r t and it's incredible that we can actually watch it live and see what happens see how it unfolds but you know why exactly do you do it i don't know how do you even travel
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the world manage to be everywhere and something is breaking out well i'm not everywhere i just i just moved to los angeles to work on some new projects when when the anaheim incident you know broke out so it's just you know in this case look i sometimes get donations but that's not so much recently and i generally comes off my own dime it's not very expensive to do what i do and as long as you know you have a family i guess you can afford it have you ever noticed are actually before i ask you that do you have any idea how many people are watching your live stream last night if there is in the thousands tens of thousands. it was. for the total broad forty forty forty some odd thousand wow so then but in your travels the right when you and i have also seen each other at different events out there at occupy at netroots nation you were going to spain when i last saw you and we ever noticed you know is there any difference in the protesters in the kind of anger from country to
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country or is the social unrest pretty much the same all over the world now the way that you see it the the core of it is you know it's pretty pretty much the same but it is amazing how different it is especially when i went to montreal there was there's almost no cameras it's mostly it's just huge protests for the money funkier and they have leaders they have demands and then you look at say occupy which has no leader and has very if any loose demands and then you can look at an incident like the like anaheim which was a spontaneous gathering of local community members in response to you know their outrage against the police departments so it's it's really interesting how different you know each of these events gets organized and how they're work and i just i just last question to you the last time that you were on the program you can look around koski were in chicago covering the nato summit and you were pulled over you were interrogated has anything like that happened to you since well you know
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nothing no no direct confrontation but and we don't want to be we don't want to be paranoid i'm referring to jeff and amber but you know we're having a lot of problems with e-mails not going through on multiple accounts just really weird things that that are affecting all of us on different platforms that seem suspect but would just be speculation if we if we said it was anyone trying to interfere with us but. i can confirm that we get followed quite often and sometimes rather poorly it's really no really obvious one when it happens but you know the times we don't notice it. i don't even know it's happening r ten well thanks for filling us in tonight i know you're on the way back to anaheim there so we'll keep watching tonight to see what unfolds thanks. part of time for our first break but when we come back i'll be talking foreign policy problems mitt romney should today
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because all of the talk about obama being such a dove i get it and we speaking with michael cohen in deepak who are about bipartisan american consensus on foreign policy and where islamophobia fits into it . downloads for sure. so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. t.v. is not required to watch all its all you need is your mobile device watch our t. any time.
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slow slow slow slow slow slow slow slow. slow slow slow slow slow slow slow slow
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slow. slow slow slow slow . well this point we all know what president obama's foreign policy looks like while the rhetoric may be softer than that of his predecessors wife ended the war in iraq and torture and close black site prisons has expanded drone strikes become dependent on targeted killing shadow wars and erase the meaning of borders even more than before he expanded the war in afghanistan before deciding to play on a close and he got us involved in a military conflict in libya without ever seeking congressional approval on iran he has said the military option is never off the table and according to beat romney he's soft that he's leading from behind then again mitt romney i guess need to say something because the truth is he probably wouldn't handle things all that much
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differently let's talk about their approaches about public opinion and about how the term islamophobia fits into the full joining me to discuss this is deep of whom are associate professor of media studies and middle east studies at rutgers university and author of the book islamophobia and the politics of empire and michael cohen columnist for foreign policies election two thousand and twelve channel and a fellow at the century foundation ana thank you both for joining me tonight and michael i want to start with you and we spoke about this yesterday a little bit on the show but curious to get your take on what exactly you think mitt romney's foreign policy is because if you ask me he throws in a lot of rhetoric that's a little out of date then he also has a lot of diversion tactics right now he wants to talk about national security leaks but i think that it's all just to to you know get people's eyes away from the fact that he doesn't really have that much of a foreign policy or if he does it's not that different from obama's you know i think i would be fine for. obama. and that's kind of the way people. speech today better or worse and the way you talk about it you basically attacked
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president obama for you but that personally in that speech it didn't really give any sense of what we do differently as states and i think in a sense my impression is that. there's as much as the interest in talking about foreign policy won't like what the economy but in foreign policy always is is something you'd rather just take off the table and focus on the issue or an advantage which is the economy but it's part of that too just because you know this is still directed here for the michel because it's all become so normalised you know since nine eleven after the last ten years it's no longer that big of a deal that we not only have a major land war that's still going on in afghanistan but we have shadow wars we have drone strikes and special ops teams you know thousands of more soldiers that are heading to africa kind of just suddenly that's not that big a deal for an election to talk about well it's interesting there's so much consensus among sort of foreign policy elite that one thing romney's tried to do is differentiate itself from obama by moving further and further to the right when i've noticed it's breaking isn't he basically has has made new enemies he's talked
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about russia being number one geopolitical foe he talked about you know calling china a currency manipulator he said because we're the left talking about it which you know would be surprised to see you even further from the right to attack obama but in reality in iran the good example is a great deal of difference between what obama is just now romney and they basically want to stop or wrong your program i mean those are rhetoric but in the end the policies. i gave i want to get you in here too because i want to talk about your book in the way that you approach this which is that now we have this term islamophobia that we hear so often it's used so often and you know you could say that sure for the majority of the american population it was introduced after the attacks on nine eleven but you actually delve into the history of it globally you know how you think that it's always been attached to empire but just looking at where we are now how do you how do you tie that in what islamophobia really mean in
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america today. right i mean in the book i talk about how the idea of the muslim enemy has existed since the eleventh century since the crusades and it's always been instrumental it's always been useful for the elites to create this menacing muslim enemy against whom war should be waged and because of this menacing image people are recruited to join armies and to go off and fight wars now after nine eleven what we see taking place is well the way condit lisa rice put it is that the tectonic plates of international politics have been shifted by the events of nine eleven and we have to capitalize on this these are her words and so the question is how will how was the elite going to respond to this and a team of people were actually called to the white house which included people like bernard lewis the author of the term clash of civilizations as well as for reads a korea and so on and the war on terror a brand actually came out of that and what that was is two things on the one hand the idea that there is this menacing islamic terrorist against whom endless war
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must be waged and so the war in iraq the war in afghanistan gets you know justified in those terms and on the other hand it's this idea of clash of civilizations which is that there are about seven or eight civilizations according to samuel huntington we have such different cultural views that we're bound to clash and so that ideology as well the idea that the east and the muslim world is just so backward they don't value women we have to go and liberate women like afghan women and so on this sort of rhetoric this sort of anti muslim rhetoric becomes the rationale for these wars in the two thousand i mean do you think about also carry through with the obama administration you talk about something called liberal islamophobia which i can say is the term we hear very often. absolutely i mean what you see going on i want to reflect on the question you asked about romney as well what you see is that the neo con vision after nine eleven which is to go it alone make war in
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afghanistan iraq and then move on to regime change in syria and iran and so on it doesn't work out the way the you know wanted to instead what they've done is they've strengthened iran strengthened china and so on the world is in a shambles so towards the second half of bush's term his second term actually there's a shift there's a shift away from this unilateralist position to more multilateral as positions and betrayers the patriots document doctrine is all about winning hearts and minds and so on and really that's what obama takes over pretty much into in terms of his foreign policy and so he comes on the stage as someone who's going to rehabilitate the image of the united states which has been badly damaged around the world right you remember even allies were you know in europe were eliminated because they were called old europe and so on and so you obama is elected with the blessing of the ruling elite to actually rehabilitate this image and what how does he do this this
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is where liberal islamophobia comes in there's a policy in a team actually that comes together to say reject the clash of civilization rhetoric say that there are no cultural differences we're all on the same side and so on and that's what he does in his cairo speech almost as soon as he's elected and he uses the language of liberalism of human rights and so on but in reality as you said earlier loner his policies have been really no different from that of the bush administration this is true both in the foreign policy arena as well as domestically if you look at the end if you look at various policies that the obama administration carried out the war on muslims domestically has been called a fight and actually taken further by obama now michael i'm curious as to where you think that within and how the. have we kind of stepped away from that in the sense that you know if you listen to mitt romney's speech yesterday like i said obviously we hear about iran you know he often talks about russia and china being the focus but we don't hear what we hear from obama which is constantly about the threat of
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al qaeda and its affiliates all over the world right and the need for these shadow wars i don't need i don't really think we talked about terrorism i mean you mentioned it briefly but it's i think one of the recent doesn't this because this vantage for obama people generally trust obama on terrorism i would probably disagree a little bit with people on this point and i do think that you know obama did. campaign promise and it was a fake i think he realized his mistake and it unfortunately but is beginning to draw down on the fourteenth but i think there my sense of leap of the involved ministration is that there's been a bit of a step back on the war on terrorism rhetoric that the ideal world a second term for the mom astray should be the focus on maybe focusing on asia and a bit less on the muslim world a bit less on terrorism however having said that we have an election coming up of ember and no democratic president going to get elected if there's a soft on national security and you know if kerry and obama has lost advantages the
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field a lot of these you know killed a lot of people kind of terrorists but i think you're going to see a lot of focus on terrorism election i was much focus after the election when i think this immigration very much wants to move away from this sort of single minded fixation on our side in but you know you recently wrote about a number of polls that came out there right the poll that asked a lot of questions from the public about their views on foreign policy and you said it was a little get the phrenic at times right it seemed all over the place but looking at the results there was there anything that really stuck out to me do you think that the islamophobia still plays a role or is it more just about this america needs to be number one and conquer the world kind of attitude. well it's interesting more number one of the number one less wanted to conquer the world americans depend a little bit they kind of want us to be this global leader they want to be number one because i want to see us do it a little more cheaply i think it's interesting i mean there's a lot there's
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a frenzy in the sense that we want the u.s. they want the u.s. to be sort of the top dog and the global leader but they don't want to they don't want to see more foreign wars they don't want to see the u.s. going escalating in afghanistan the further the war is deeply unpopular i don't think there's strong support for going to war in iraq so i think that in a sense that the view of many people is is basically it is the for the american power but doing it in such a way that that cost them less and that at that point that would sensible strategy but they think as a policy makers for many years that we can advocate that we can have this giant military that we can have limitless national interest that we can be all over the world and we can do a low taxes so that as part of it's part of a failure political leadership and also in a sense of failure of political maturity among among voters. people would you say are voters becoming more politically mature in that sense maybe a little more politically mature than some of our lawmakers out there i know they want to throw in a word to you about what we've seen with with michele bachmann who aberdeen and the
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muslim brotherhood and. peter king's the you know the radicalization of muslim the hearings and everything that we see here now on the domestic front interestingly enough. absolutely i mean i think that you know we have seen a decade of wars and we've also seen a public that's grown increasingly disillusioned with the rhetoric that they have been given in the case of these wars you know you look at the case of iraq and there was supposed to be weapons of mass destruction no weapon of mass destruction even one weapon of mass destruction and so forth and so people have become jaded with these kinds of excuses for going to war of course there is the cost you know a brown university study showed that closer to three trillion dollars was spent in the wars in iraq and afghanistan and so on but i do think that there is a sense in which people don't want to see these interventions and the more and so we've come a long way from the climate in early two thousand and one two thousand and two to where we are today that said i do think that it's still plays
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a role i agree with michael that the war on terror isn't front and center for obama but if you look at the defense planning guidance document that his administration released this past january there is first of all still an emphasis on the even though al qaeda is you know by all accounts probably a few hundred around the world there is that emphasis and there's that emphasis because there is a need to justify as you said earlier the drone strikes the special operation forces the surveillance the soluble warfare tactics and so on and so forth but indeed it is true that there has been a shift towards china towards iran and again this is the similarity because if you look at the bush doctrine it had two aspects one prevent the rise of a rival may lead china which is seen as i'm so sorry but we have this done we have to we have to hit a break and so i have to have to cut it off here but i want to thank you both for joining us and i wish we had more time thanks are closer.


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